is it all in my head? | 21

It all comes back, like the quiet of the night. Buried deep inside are the longings and the grief for a thing you never experienced. Or did you?

It lingers over my head
To the point i can’t disguise.

Searching for a warmth of sunlight
Whilst I look for myself in the fog.

Longing for the airy waves of ecstasy,
Yet my heart surrenders itself to bleak.

Alone, in my head.
I try, try,
And try.

[cover: pinterest]

feuille morte | 20

To make a countryman understand what feuille-morte­ colour signifies, it may suffice to tell him, it is the colour of withered leaves in autumn.
— John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 1690 (Source: Merriam Webster)

strolling on a red-orange path,
re-living glimpses of our past
fly like feathers of gold.

like the autumn foliage
running so wild,
our memories so old.

my amber sight
searching for your light,
mingling with the tears of agony.

because —
you felt so safe and sound
as the beautiful selection of brown.

[Image Source: vevo]

time heals everything | 19

Between rock bottom and sky high is where we grow. Trust the process because it all gets better with time.

fluttering by the door,
ashes of abhor.
here comes the wind,
sweeping it away.

i let it take my sight.
here comes the sun
shining bright, giving me warmth.


human tidal | 16

Madness of misery comes along your path so that you learn, become wise, understand and move on. Things happen, good or bad, life happens.

Feeble intense whispers,
A shadow,
cloaked with melancholy.

Lifeless wings,
gouging its way
to no place.

An ocean,
blue-gray deep,
dappled with wide trenches.
Along the shore lay the relics,
of sorrow;

The water,
rising in waves,
crawling furiously to the shore.
Sweeping away the carcass,
and the forever of never.


the woods | 15

The woods, feel like home. Full of life, enigma and wilderness. The air so fresh that it lights up our raw selves.

Exquisite, little creature,
fluttering its wings.
Swirls around the green bush
darting its way through infinite,
gazing with awe.
The buzzing sound,
calling its name.

Whirling in the air,
scents of fresh grass and woody vines.
Misty path,
sombre and vast.
The clouds,
thick black and grey;
so beautiful and majestic.

The woods enveloped,
with peace and serenity.
Twigs, hanging low from the branches;
birds cooing from above.
Soft-thudding paws by the lake,
the water gliding, eternally graceful.

My soul, tainted with delight;
eyes eliciting cheers.

(CoverSource: Pinterest)

it’s an illusion | 14

Yesterday when I was rummaging through my thoughts, I came across a question my inner self asked me. It was- “What if I cared enough about the kind of person I am rather than my appearance, by this time wouldn’t I have become a better version of myself? Wouldn’t it be an actual self-growth?”

That question struck my brain like lightning. All this time I tried, tried hard, and still do, to mould into the so-called societal standards and blend in.

Since the beginning of my teenage years, I’ve been on the receiving end of unnecessary criticism and opinions by strangers and the people I count on, about my physical appearance. Being told that I was “fat” or “too chubby” took a toll on me. I started looking myself through the lenses of other people, who I had thought had an actual opinion of me and defined me.

After all these years, I’ve learnt that other’s opinion are not our responsibility, infact, there opinions don’t matter and neither do they can define you and your worth, because to define is to limit. And maybe I still not might be content in myself and my body, but I know that un dia I will be.

(Source: Pinterest)

I’d rather be kind. I’d rather be smart. I think our number one priority should be is to focus on our talents, abilities and flourish our personality rather than our extrinsic self, which is transient and ever-changing and doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

All it takes is to know that you are valid, loved and appreciated no matter what. You have all the potential to conquer your fears and insecurities. You have what it takes to be your best-self. Before, I didn’t realize that how crucial is self-love and I can’t stress this point enough. Self-love doesn’t happen overnight, it courses through those good & bad days, it takes time. Because no rain, no flowers (cliché, but true). One day, you’ll rise above everything that tried to shove you down and you’ll be greater, content than ever and grateful for all the hardships you faced.

If you made it till the end, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I’m so grateful that you took your time to read through it.

Have a great day!

vision | 13

In my time on this planet until now, I’ve learned that Life is a path brimful of evergreen trees imparting wisdom, oceans of happiness, birds of purpose but along the path we come across cobblestones and fragments of desultry events. And a mixture of the course of these events is what makes our lives an adventure worth it all.

At a distance,

I see a complex pattern,

hard to decipher.

My mind,

shackled behind the bars of a cold dark freezer.

Sea-grit, my body;

mustering all the force,

trying to swim its way out of the deep.

Like the celerity of wind,

dolour brumes my eyes.

Zephyr washes over my face;

and nigh,

my vision gets grasp of a blurry object,

but lucent.

Beyond it was,


(CoverSource: Pinterest)

Stygian isle | 12

Another poem I wrote in the dark of the night when my mind was flooded with words and verses. I hope you dig it.

My sky was vivacious,

fleeting with orka,

shining with the stars of solace,

the rays of tranquiliy were soft & rosy.

Now that you’re afar,

my brightest star has doused.

Behold the downpour,

there linger the drops of melancholy,

and nearby lay the pieces of biltheness,


(CoverSource: Pinterest)

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